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How To Properly Care For Your Holiday Attire

Now that the holidays are over, it is important to properly clean and store the clothing that you wore to your holiday and New Year’s parties. Here are some tips for how to care for the most common holiday fabrics, so your favorite outfits can stay well-kept and be worn year after year!

Satin: An elegant choice for the holidays, satin was once only made from silk, but can now be composed of other fibers. Always read the care label, but if it is made from silk or acetate it must be dry cleaned. If you stain satin do not rub the stain to avoid the loss of sheen and color. The fabric is very delicate and can easily snag. Be careful not to store it alongside of anything that could cause damage.

Beaded Garments: Many New Year’s dresses are affixed with sequins, beads & adornments. These items are especially difficult to care for. They are prone to losing their beads, or having color bleeds. Even if the care label says that it may be washed, special attention needs to be taken for the sewn on decorations. These types of garments should be cleaned by a professional, where they will be tested to see if they can withstand the cleaning process. If you wash these items at home, proceed with caution: use cold water, a mild detergent, gentle cycle, & hang or lay flat to dry.

Cashmere: A luxurious and cozy material, we recommend only dry cleaning or hand washing anything made from this fabric. Invest in high
quality cashmere, as this will help prevent pilling and shape problems. Never store this garment without cleaning as moths can create holes.

Velvet: A fabric that has seen resurgence, velvet must be dry cleaned as any water can damage the fabric permanently. Ironing will also cause damage to this fabric as well.

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