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How To Think Green For St. Patrick’s Day

When most people think of St. Patrick’s Day, they think of green beer, green clothes, and green food. Another way to celebrate this Holiday is by thinking about how to be green as well! Online you can find tips on how to replace green dyes made from chemicals with all natural fruits and vegetable ingredients. Another way to help the environment is by consuming locally sourced products. Luckily for us, Minnesota has a plethora of local breweries to choose from for St. Patrick’s Day. One of the most important ways to be greener is by reducing waste and recycling. The average American generates 1,606 pounds of trash per year! Making changes to your habits to reduce your own impact can make a huge difference. Pilgrim Dry Cleaners is committed to being green as well. We use environmentally friendly green cleaning, recyclable metal hangers (unlike wood and plastic hangers that cannot be recycled) and our poly garment bags are melted down to create construction materials through a sustainable local company. We also offer repairs and tailoring for garments, which is a green alternative to throwing them away and creating waste. Have fun, be safe, and think green this St. Patrick’s Day!

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