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Tips For Getting Your Wardrobe Ready For Spring!

As the spring weather FINALLY hits Minnesota it is time to start transitioning your closet. When storing your winter attire, don’t put away items you never wore this season. Chances are you won’t wear them again next year either.  Donate these items, or bring them to a consignment shop. When you simplify your closet not only do you have more space, but you also have an easier time taking care of your favorite items. Bring your jackets, blazers, winter coats, UGG boots, sweaters, scarves, & wool items to Pilgrim Dry Cleaners for cleaning. Removing stains and dirt will help preserve your favorite items so they can be worn again next year. Once items are cleaned make sure to take off the plastic garment bag before you put your items into storage. You should also remove sweaters from hangers and fold them to preserve their shape. If you take out something from storage that doesn’t fit just right anymore, bring it to Pilgrim Dry Cleaners and our professional tailors can take in or let out garments, instead of tossing them. Find a location near you by clicking HERE or signup for FREE pickup & delivery service!

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