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Polo Cleaning Tips

As the summer approaches, many Minnesotans are pulling out their Polo shirts to wear for both work and play. These summer fashion staples are stylish and comfortable, making them a favorite for high temperatures. But it is also important to know how to keep them clean. First and foremost, always follow rule number one of clothing care: read the care label carefully. Depending on the fabric blend of each different Polo, cleaning methods may be different.  Because most Polo’s are primarily cotton, there is always the risk of shrinking the shirt, or having the color fade.

To start, it is usually a good idea to turn your Polo inside out when washing. It is also best to wash the shirts in cold water. This will prevent loss of color as well as shrinkage. In general, we do not recommend putting a Polo in the dryer because the heat often causes the shirts to shrink. Laying them flat to dry can avoid this problem. Finally, once the Polo is completely dry, it is best to fold it rather than hang it in your closet. Putting Polo shirts on hangers after wet-washing them can distort the shape resulting in a sloppy fit. You will also likely need to iron your Polo before you wear it to get rid of any wrinkles.

Of course, if all this sounds too burdensome, the best (in our humble opinion) way to treat your beloved Polo is to bring it to the drycleaner to get it professionally cleaned and pressed. You won’t believe how great it will look!



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