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Sanitizing your environment is important now more than ever!

From cleaning your counters to washing your hands to cleaning your clothes, sanitizing your environment is important now more than ever.  Pilgrim’s dry cleaning and laundering process makes sure all of your clothing and household items are cleaned and sanitized.  We have been the Twin Cities expert dry cleaner and launderer for over 80 years.  Three generations, family owned and operated.  We have the experience and knowledge to take care of all of your clothing and household linens.  Shirts, Suits, Dresses, Pants, Blankets, Sheets, Comforters, Coats, Drapes, Wedding Dresses & SO MUCH MORE!

Our 26 convenient locations are OPEN and offer: Drop Boxes, Drive-Thru’s, 24 Hour Kiosks, and Curbside Service.

We also offer FREE Pick Up & Delivery.  If interested Call/Text/Email:

Did you know that we have Fast, Expert Tailoring?!  Hems, Zipper Repair, Wedding Dresses, Bridesmaids Dresses, Suits, Formal Wear, Holes in Garments, & More!  If you need a fitting we have Tailors on site at 8 of our locations.  If you don’t need a fitting, feel free to bring your item to any of our locations or leave with your driver for pick-up & delivery service.

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