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1970’s fashion is back!

The 1970’s are back!  In fashion at least!  Wide leg pants and trousers, psychedelic patterns, and micro mini skirts. If you hung on to those gorgeous flowy dresses and blouses for a few decades, now’s the time to bring them into Pilgrim Dry Cleaners to clean and freshen them up.

1970's Fashion


Check out the Tom Ford Spring/Summer Collection with a ton of fun paisley’s, tie dyes and floral prints.  Florals will be out in bloom on our Spring fashion as well as our garden.  Feathers have also made a comeback and we will see them appearing as trim on dresses, sweaters and tops.  A hot pink A line or mini dress with feather trim?! #trending

Macy’s Spring collection ‘Bright Now‘ is everything Spring should be with bright colors and fun designs and fabrics.   Check out the Spring Men’s line at Nordstrom, tie dyed fabrics, large collars and lot’s of patterns.

Gucci’s latest collection is full of vibrant patterns and colors reminiscent of the 1970’s.   Some bright colors could do us all some good.

1970's Fashion

You can trust us to clean and care for all of your delicate fabrics.  Pilgrim Dry Cleaners uses state-of-the-art equipment to clean and press every garment. Our experienced staff will examine the care labels to determine the proper cleaning method. Every garment is cleaned using safe, environmentally friendly, green cleaning agents. We have been dry cleaning and laundering your favorite garments and household items for over 80 years!  We were there for 70’s fashion and will continue to be your favorite family dry cleaner.

Looking for something fun to do with the family?  Get into the 70’s groove and plan a fun Fondue night or possibly a Tie Dye activity, grab those old white T Shirts.  Here are some step by step directions from Tie Dye Your Summer.

We are excited to see what fun patterns and 1970’s inspired clothing you bring us to care for this Spring.  #springhasalmostsprung

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