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Pilgrim Dry Cleaners – Twin Cities Live!

We know America’s least favorite chore is doing laundry.  Or more specifically, folding laundry!  #fullbasket #wrinkled #putitbackinthedryer

Derek, our VP and 3rd generation of Pilgrim Dry Cleaners, answered some common #laundry questions, chatted about our wash dry fold service and hung out, via Skype, with Elizabeth, Steve and the team at Twin Cities Live at KSTP-TV.


WATCH THE CLIP HERE –>  Pilgrim on Twin Cities Live


How do you clean a silk blouse?  What do all of those symbols on the tag mean?  How about cleaning a shirt  after you spill coffee on it?  Derek also answers a very important question from Steve on TCL.  He asks “Why do I need Pilgrim, I have a washer and dryer?”

Time!  That’s the answer.  Spend more time doing what you love.  You do you, we’ll do the laundry.


That leads us to our favorite slogan of 2021 –>  Never do laundry again! 😲  We keep saying it and we mean it!!!  Join our Wash Club, a monthly subscription wash & fold service and we will take care of all of your laundry.  How would it feel to leave your laundry on your doorstep and then have it arrive back to you clean and folded, ready to be put away?!  Yes!  We CAN make your laundry dreams come true.  #laundryisourlovelanguage

The Wash Club makes an awesome gift to expectant parents and, any parent really!

We have FREE Pick up & Delivery and our drivers will be in your neighborhood twice a week for pick ups and deliveries.  You always have the same driver on your route and they take great care of each of their customers.  The route drivers even provide their cell phone numbers to their clients for easy communication.


What a great time we had working with the whole crew at Channel 5, KSTP.  You can check out Twin Cities Live.  Food, Fashion & Fun.  Weekdays at 3:00 – 4:30pm on 5 eyewitness news.


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