FREE Home & Office Pickup & Delivery

Expert garment care is made easy with our free home & office pickup & delivery service! The prices for dry cleaning & laundry services are the same as in stores; there are no minimum order requirements, or delivery charges.

When you sign up for our free home pickup & delivery service, we will provide you with a free garment bag and hook, so you can leave your dry cleaning & laundry in your garment bag at your front or back door. Pilgrim Dry Cleaners already has drivers in most Twin Cities neighborhoods, so we will assign a designated driver to your home and they will drive by twice per week (Monday’s & Thursday’s or Tuesday & Friday’s) to check to see if you left a garment bag out for pickup and to deliver your cleaned garments back to your door. Your assigned driver will even determine a safe spot to pick up and leave your garments, so you don't need to be home!

We also offer this convenient service for no charge at office buildings! We are currently in many of the top Minnesota corporations, such as Best Buy, Target, Medtronic, Honeywell, Medica, Lifetime, and more! If you would like to offer this service as a convenience to your employees, please reach out to us. We can stop by office buildings of any size, large or small! For large businesses, we can put a convenient drop box on-site at your office for your employees to leave their garments in and we will stop by daily to pick up and deliver dry cleaning & laundry.

For developers & management companies of condo & apartment buildings that are interested in providing our services to their residents, please contact us for pickup & drop off arrangements.

To sign up to start using our services, please fill out our signup form. Once you've completed the form to use our services your assigned driver will reach out to you with further information.

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If you have any questions, please call/text 612-554-8285,or email

Free Home & Office Delivery