Wedding Dress Cleaning & Preservation

Pilgrim Dry Cleaners understands the importance of your wedding dress, from the moment you say "yes" to the dress to preserving its beauty for years to come. If your eagerly awaited dress arrives wrinkled and lacking the perfect fit, fear not! Our skilled team specializes in wedding dress services, including meticulous eco-friendly cleaning, expert pressing, and precise tailoring for that flawless silhouette. We have 8 On-Site Tailor shops and 27 Convenient Twin Cities Locations.

After your wedding day has passed, our professional wedding dress cleaning and pressing services ensure that your gown looks as stunning as it did on your special day. Whether you're considering reselling your dress or preserving it as a treasured keepsake, we offer meticulous care and attention to detail. For gown preservation, each gown is delicately placed in a wedding dress box, lined with acid-free paper to protect its delicate fabrics and intricate details, Trust Pilgrim Dry Cleaners and their 84 years of expertise to handle your wedding dress with the utmost care.

Pair this service with our home & office pickup & delivery service for the ultimate convenience.
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