Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning is used to clean delicate and intricate garments, such as garments with beading, sequins, or other embellishments. It is also the preferred method of cleaning for: suits, wool garments, very soiled or stained garments, dresses, dress pants, skirts, and special fabrics. Fabrics that should be dry cleaned include: rayon, cashmere, wool, silk, leather, and linen.

Dry cleaning differs from regular washing at home, because garments enter and leave the machine dry. A solvent is used instead of water. Pilgrim Dry Cleaners uses only safe, environmentally friendly green cleaning agents to clean your garments. We also have special stain removal products and stain testing methods to remove even the toughest stains. Our experts will examine the care label on your garment and determine the best cleaning methods.

Dry cleaning garments helps to return garments to a like-new condition. Dry cleaning preserves colors, remove stains that water cannot such as oils and grease, helps prevent shrinkage, and preserve the texture and finish of fabrics. Our dry cleaning process is also combined with our state-of-the-art pressing machines, which leave your garments with a crisp like-new appearance that will get you noticed!

Pilgrim Dry Cleaners is your expert in garment care that you can trust to make dry cleaning easy! We offer same day service, email notifications so you know exactly when your garments are ready for pickup, drive-thru service, and home & office pickup and delivery service.

You invest a lot in your garments, so make sure you protect your investment and choose Pilgrim Dry Cleaners!

Pair this service with our home & office pickup & delivery service for the ultimate convenience.
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Dry Cleaning