Sheets, Blankets & Comforters

Do you know what’s on your sheets? We all sweat and shed skin... need we say more? Bedding should be cleaned weekly. To stay on top of your routine, we recommend having an extra set of sheets, pillow cases, pillows, & a comforter on hand to swap out while your bedding is being cleaned at Pilgrim Dry Cleaners.

Working this habit into your weekly routine is easy! Simply remove your bedding off each bed in the house once a week, put it into your Pilgrim Dry Cleaners garment bag, and leave it at your door for our home pickup & delivery service, or bring it into one of our 27 locations. We can clean mattress pads, pillow top covers, sheets, pillow cases, feather pillows, body pillows, blankets, quilts, down filled comforters, bedspreads, and more!

Once you crawl into bed with beautiful freshly-pressed bed sheets and pillow cases, you will wonder why you haven’t been sending your bedding to the cleaners sooner! You will be able to rest soundly knowing that you and you and your family are going to bed in safe, environmentally friendly green cleaned bedding.

Pair this service with our home & office pickup & delivery service for the ultimate convenience.
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