Thank You For Signing Up! We Will Be Calling You Soon To Set Up Your Payment Info

What Happens Next?
We will be calling you soon to set up a credit card on file for cleaning services (required before we can start service) and to let you know when your pickup and delivery days will be each week. We will also drop off a garment bag and a hook for your door. Simply put your garment bag out on your scheduled days whenever you need garments cleaned. You don't even need to be home! You can also give us a call or text us 612-554-8285 after signing up to get your payment info on file to start your service.

Save time by letting us come to you for all of your dry cleaning, wash & fold laundry service charged by the pound for your everyday clothes, household items, and alteration needs!

Pilgrim Dry Cleaners already has drivers in most Twin Cities neighborhoods, so we will assign a designated driver to your home and they will drive by twice per week. Your pickup & delivery days will either be Mondays & Thursdays, or Tuesdays & Fridays - depending on where you live. Our driver will call you soon to let you know what the pickup & delivery days are in your neighborhood.

On your scheduled delivery days twice per week simply leave out your blue garment bag with clothes you need cleaned and we will drive by to check and see if you left a garment bag out for pickup. We will deliver your cleaned garments back to your door. If you leave a bag out on Monday, it will be cleaned and returned back to your door on Thursday for example.

We also offer this convenient service for no charge at office buildings! We are currently in many of the top Minnesota corporations, such as Best Buy, Target, Medtronic, Honeywell, Medica, Lifetime, and more! If you would like to offer this service as a convenience to your employees, please reach out to us. We can stop by office buildings of any size, large or small! For large businesses, we can put a convenient drop box on-site at your office for your employees to leave their garments in and we will stop by daily to pick up and deliver dry cleaning & laundry. Please give us a call if you're interested in setting up this service at your office!

For developers & management companies of condo & apartment buildings that are interested in providing our services to their residents, please contact us for pickup & drop off arrangements. Adding dry cleaning & laundry service for your residence is a convenient amenity!

Our home & office pickup & delivery service is easy and saves you time! It doesn't cost more than if you brought it to our stores. There are no minimum order requirements, monthly fees, or delivery charges.

Check out our video on the bottom of this page to see how Home & Office Pickup & Delivery service works!

If you have any questions, please call/text 612-554-8285, or email For pricing info email

Home & Office Delivery