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I brought in a sport coat with a missing button and forgot to mention I needed it sewed. They noticed the loose button was in the pocket and sewed it on anyway. Pleasant surprise when I picked it up. That’s great & proactive customer service!
– Mike L.
I’ve been coming to Pilgrim for a couple months now and I have been nothing but pleased!!! Every time I walk in the door I’ve been greeted with a smile, the manager always remembers my name and had something sweet to say. I’ve never looked forward to running an errand before now. 10/10 would recommend Pilgrim for not only the best cleaning, but the best customer service!
– Kim J.
I wanted to pass on my compliments to your team. One visit and I am totally sold. My life is very hectic as I live in one state and work in another. I have one dry cleaner I like but can never get to (in the state I work in) and a whole bunch that I have never liked near our home. Your hours are great, the staff is absolutely wonderful, your cleaning service was top notch, your turn around was fantastic and your pickup and delivery solves my only issue with the extra 3 miles I was going to have to drive. We are looking forward to a very devoted relationship with your store. I love working with companies that understand that a pleasant experience counts as much as a quality product. You clearly deliver both.
– Lyn Y.
You have my business! You did a fabulous job on a prom dress another cleaners wouldn’t do and recommended I go to you! Wow! That says something with your competition saying they can’t do the job as well as you to customers! The people taking care of the drop off and pick up were very friendly yet professional which is a great combination. You are just as close as the cleaners I used to go to, and two others I tried, but did not do as good a job as you did. You are the first to bother to write me a letter to thank me for coming to you. I did not expect it, but it was nice to be recognized. Good job all around! I am sold on you and your cleaners!
– Cindy J.
The staff have always been professional, helpful and able to explain any of their processes. On more than one occasion they assisted with a special request and one time when I had a problem with the garment they were helpful and quick to address & handle to my satisfaction.
– Karen K.
Very timely, effective service. I was able to drop off my items easily and pick them up quickly. They've even got little plastic cards with punch-out collar points (do you realize how often I lose those things?!)
– Tom L.

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